Where can I get the Eco Cloth?2020-03-30T11:48:24+00:00

The Eco Cloths are available at a select number of New Worlds across New Zealand and this will continue to grow.

You can see a list of all our stockists by clicking here.

How is the decomposition of the cloth tested?2020-01-05T09:56:32+00:00

This process is completed in Switzerland and is a rotting test in Microbial Active Soil. After 8 weeks the sample has almost completely disappeared and about 80% of the product dissolved into the soil.

Are the Eco Cloths compostable?2020-01-05T09:56:09+00:00

Yes, they are absolutely compostable. As they are made from wood pulp and cotton, you can just throw in an old eco cloth right into your garden. Worried about bacteria? Just pop it in the dish rack for a quick clean before composting.

Why do people love the Eco Cloths?2020-01-05T09:55:39+00:00

Many have made the switch from traditional sponges and paper towels to the eco cloth after discovering how it is safer for them and their family. As our eco cloths are made from wood pulp and cotton, it contains none of the harmful petroleum laced plastics composing traditional sponges. It dries fast so it does not smell and does not become home to bacteria. It is cost efficient as one eco cloth can replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels. The eco cloths are good for the environment because they reduce the use of cleaning products and the use of paper towels or other disposables, thoroughly eradicates dust, allergens and bacteria.

Do Eco Cloths smell bad like sponges?2020-01-05T09:55:12+00:00

Upon first introduction of the Eco Cloth to liquid, you may detect a scent which is due to the properties composing the eco cloth (wood pulp and cotton) however after the first ring with water the scent should vanish and no longer be present after use.

As eco cloths are made of natural ingredients they dry fast and as such do make become a breeding ground for bacteria. Sponges on the other hand are made with petroleum-based materials which do not dry fast at all making them the hotspot for bacterial activity which produces the smell.

How to clean the Eco Cloths2020-01-05T09:54:30+00:00

Our eco cloths are very easy to use. Simply pop dirty cloths on the top rack of your dishwasher. It can also be cleaned by boiling cloth in a basin of hot water. For tough stains, bleaching agents can be used.

What are the uses for old Eco Cloths?2020-01-05T09:54:09+00:00

Old eco cloths can be used for planting seedlings in them, use it as a miniature weed mat or you can cut the corner off the cloth and use as a toilet / bathroom cleaner.

How can you use Eco Cloths?2020-01-05T09:53:43+00:00

Our eco cloths can be used for kitchen cleaning and for anywhere in the house, wipe down everything (and everyone) with these lint and streak-free cloths. Use it to keep your work screen clean – this cloth leaves not lint or streaks. Use it for cleaning your car, boat, your bike and just about anything you have in the house that needs cleaning. Use it for your seedlings, the cloth will naturally be absorbed by nature, leaving your seedling to grow free.

What is the difference between an Eco Cloth and a Microfibre Cloth?2020-01-05T09:53:18+00:00

Eco Cloths are made from natural ingredients (wood pulp and cotton) which will decompose when you dispose of the eco cloth. As it is made of all natural materials, there will be no traces of it that could cause damage to the planet.

Microfibre cloths are made from very small fibres, oftentimes a blend of polyester and polyamide or nylon. In short, these cloths are made of tiny plastic fibres that would end up going down the drain and into our waterways and oceans. These fibres which do not decompose end up being ingested by marine creatures such as fish and shellfish which can then be transferred back to us when we consume seafood.

What are Eco Cloths?2020-01-05T09:52:27+00:00

Eco Cloths are made from wood pulp and cotton, so they’ll decompose in the garden once you’re done. The resulting cloth is extremely absorbent and so strong. It can absorb the equivalent of 15 paper towels weight in liquid, then quickly release it the liquid with a quick wring out. Better for you and for the environment too. The cloths are machine washable – just pop dirty cloths on the top rack of your dishwasher – the natural fibers mean they’ll dry quickly too. They are strong and durable to use again and again for 6 to 9 months.